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The Mercy Divas

The Mercy Divas from Mercy Disability ServicesThe Mercy Divas, a group of charismatic ladies, perform a one hour show at various Aged Care Facilities and other functions across Brisbane. Singing a range of songs from artists such as Doris Day, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and The Sound of Music, they also entertain the crowd by sharing jokes and showcasing their dancing talents.

The Mercy Divas are self-employed and charge a rate of $80 to $100 per gig, which is split between the Divas and enables them to have extra cash in their purse. So far this year, the Divas have 23 bookings at various aged care facilities across Brisbane which they are all very excited about.

The Divas learn a range of skills which include stage performance, money management, writing invoices, equipment set up, microphone technique, vocal function exercises, as well as English literacy and people skills, most of which is incidental to the fun they are having. 

As a group they support and mentor each other through the challenges. For example, performance anxiety is reduced by the repetition of the activity as well as having the support from each other in a shared experience. The more performances they do, the more they gain confidence in themselves. You can always hear them talking about being part of the Divas, which is a very nice feeling as it shows they are inspired and are gaining a real sense of value through their contribution as a Mercy Diva.

For bookings or more information on the Mercy Divas please contact Simonne on 07 3866 4212.