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Providing flexible support options for people with a disability and their families and carers

Self-directed Services

Self-directed services are designed to enable people to be active participants in the design and delivery of their support and services, rather than fitting into pre-existing service systems.

What is involved in self-directing services?

Self-directed planning

Creating a vision and support plan that keeps the individual at the centre of all activity and decision making. Individuals and their family or carer are assisted to create a holistic support plan that identifies goals, dreams and needs unique to that person.

At this planning stage, all parties will discuss and plan for the level of direction and management of their supports and services the individual and/or their families are comfortable with.

Self-directed funding

Each individual receives a portable individualised funding package that is used to purchase a range of services and supports to meet individual needs. If you would like to find out more about eligibility and how to apply for individual funding, please contact our Executive Director on (07) 3866 4231 who can assist with further information and guidance.

Self-directed support

The individuals current formal and informal support networks will be reviewed in conjunction with their plan. The aim of this process is to identify opportunities to expand these networks and utilise a range of services and supports to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Individuals and their nominated representatives will be involved in regular reviews to ensure the support services are meeting their expectations and support needs.

Individuals and their families and/or carers have ultimate control over how they wish to manage their funding and can choose to participate as actively as they are comfortable with.

Find out more

Whether you are at the stage of learning how self-direction could work for you and your unique circumstances or are ready to implement this model of service to have more choice and control over the support and services you receive, find out how MC Aisling Pathways Program can help you on your journey.