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Providing flexible support options for people with a disability and their families and carers

Independent Living & Transitional Services

Independent Living & Transitional Services (IL&TS) supports people with an intellectual disability to live independently in their own homes in the community. This support is additional to the natural supports in a person's life, quite often being family or friends. IL&TS aims to widen an individual's network such as family, friends, volunteers and significant others, to increase their independence and maintain a healthy, safe and happy life.

IL&TS uses a person-centred practice model that supports an individual to manage a household, pay their bills, participate in the community and attend to health care and employment needs.

How it works

People supported through IL&TS live in houses within a variety of housing models including:

  • housing sourced through the Department of Housing or other social housing entities
  • private rentals
  • privately owned houses
  • houses owned by Mercy Community

Outcomes of our service

IL&TS is committed to support people engaged in this service by offering them the opportunity to:

  • increase their skills and knowledge through support to develop life skills
  • initiate and maintain relationships and opportunities to engage in social activities of interest
  • feel confident in making informed decisions with housing and lifestyle choices
  • understand and embrace the meaning and purpose of living independently in the community.

Find out more

To find out more about our services and the supports we offer:

  • Call (07) 3866 4201.
  • Send a message through our contact us page.